Discover a Revolution in Print.


With Slate Print, you can now automate customized print through Slate. Add print drip-style to existing communication flows or as one-time sends. Send static or personalized postcards, letters, mailers, viewbooks, admit packets – you name it—in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Slate Print will pull the student data for you, merge data for personalized pieces, print and prepare your publications and mail them on your schedule.

Now, in a few easy steps, you can automate print in Slate. Slate Print adds the power of print to your recruitment communication strategy and flows. Maximize the effectiveness of your existing communications by adding automated print. Send static or personalized postcards, letters, mailers, brochures, and viewbooks as part of your overall Slate communication strategy.


With Slate Print your marketing can be…


No more exporting and importing data files. You can now send lists and art files within a secure Slate Print platform.

High Quality

Choose from high-end papers and finishes—or select our custom print option.


Use data within student files in Slate to send individualized messages to your prospective students.


Select from various print formats, sizes, shapes, paper weights and finishes.


Set up your print project, and we take care of the rest—printing, stuffing envelopes, adhering labels, mailing, tracking and more.


Once we receive your data and approved InDesign file, we’ll have your piece produced and sent to mail in two to three days.


Conserve your budget with competitive transparent pricing. Conveniently pay with Slate credits.


We’ll send interactions into Slate to track data received, NCOA data, print sent and delivered dates.

Slate Print is a revolutionary new platform that brings all of the dynamic content and automation capabilities of email communications in Slate to print.

– Alexander Clark
Founder & CEO, Technolutions

I have been working with KelmscottEDU for many years for our student search, recruitment publications and other projects. I am so excited to hear that they are now partnering with Slate to add print to our communication flows. I will definitely be using this new feature in Slate.

– Mr. Kevin Halle
Director, Admissions
Wayne State College

I’m thrilled that my favorite printing/marketing firm and favorite CRM provider are partnering to provide Slate Print. For over 20 years, I’ve used KelmscottEDU and have found them to be a terrific partner for my recruitment publications.

– Dr. John Baworowsky
Vice President for Enrollment
Marquette University

We were really please with the two postcard we’ve sent with Slate Print. The print quality is great, and they held up really well in the mail. We’re excited for our students to receive them!

– Melissa Lawson
Associate Director of Admissions
Binghampton University SUNY

I LOVED using Slate Print. It was super easy and seamless, and we are seeing good results. We will definitely be using it more for recruitment.

– Dan Hendrickson
Director, EM Operations and Communications
Eastern Kentucky University

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