2019 Q1 Relevate



New Ground

9.3 million. That’s how many first-generation students (FGS) there are on college campuses today. Would you believe that this segment of undergraduate students—a whopping 51 percent—is essentially invisible on campus?


The Quad

The power of content continues to make its presence felt. According to Time Inc.’s “How Custom Content Inspires Consumers” study, two in three consumers have greater trust in custom content than traditional advertising. In addition to trust, the study, which queried more than 17,000 GenZ, millennials and Gen Xers, shows that custom content is perceived as thoughtful and provides value.


Street Cred

As the senior VP at Visa, Shiv Singh learned that the premise for great ideas can come from anywhere—within the organization, agency partners, technology firms, startups, design schools or individual entrepreneurs. Visa had created an environment that welcomed big ideas and the people or partners that could deliver inspiration and passion to their work.


Q&A with Dr. Laurie Witherow

In the ever-evolving world of higher ed recruiting, many enrollment managers believe it’s time to get a seat at the table when it comes to strategic planning and other important conversations. With an intense knowledge of the services needed to expand the scope of the process—academically and financially— getting that seat will help universities better plan for the future. To survey the landscape today, Relevate sat down with Dr. Laurie Witherow, Associate Vice Provost for Admissions & Enrollment Services, Middle Tennessee State University, and Justin A. Ball, VP for Enrollment Management, Bradley University.


Psst! Over Here

College. Where should you go? The choices are endless. Big or small. Private or public. Liberal arts or research-driven. Mom and dad went there or they didn’t. Today’s prospective student has plenty of options. So how do you get your school into the mix? According to Sprout Social, finding the right students means nurturing them throughout the entire college admissions process.


High Anxiety

No matter what type of college you work for, you have goals. When it comes to college admission directors, checking those items off that list, i.e., recruiting and getting students to enroll, is critical. According to the “2018 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors” report by Inside Higher Ed/Gallup, only 38 percent reported that they were able to hit their goals by the May 1 deadline.