Reports shows what keeps admission directors up at night

No matter what type of college you work for, you have goals. When it comes to college admission directors, checking those items off that list, i.e., recruiting and getting students to enroll, is critical. According to the “2018 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors” report by Inside Higher Ed/Gallup, only 38 percent reported that they were able to hit their goals by the May 1 deadline. When it comes to areas like filling classes, here’s a look at their anxiety levels:


So, that’s why you went there? Ever wonder how students end up wearing the school colors they do? Is it the course selections? Sports program? Price? According to Niche’s “2018 College Admissions Report,” 90 percent chose schools that have their major. Here’s a look at what students put at the top of their “must have” lists.