Optimal Sophomore and Junior Search Results Success Story


University in Chicago Receives Optimal Sophomore and Junior Search Results Partnering with Kelmscott


A small, selective, private liberal arts university in Chicago has partnered with Kelmscott since 2007 on a wide variety of recruitment projects, including: print brochures, viewbooks, postcards and student search. The partnership is one of consistent recruitment success and national recognition. In fact, the university, in collaboration with Kelmscott, was honored with a 29th Annual Educational Advertising Award from the Higher Education Marketing Report, the most widely read publication for educational marketers.

In 2013, the university approached Kelmscott to partner with them on their sophomore and junior search. Given a tight budget and an increasingly competitive recruiting landscape, the university wanted to reexamine their approach to student search. They were specifically looking for ways to be more strategic in focus and to optimize their recruitment budget dollars. Goals for the search effort included: growing enrollment, shaping the class and increasing diversity.

Kelmscott’s unique Sophomore and Junior Search strategy has helped yet another university build their inquiry pool, which will help lead them to enrollment success. Kelmscott has more than 28 years of experience working with public and private colleges and universities to help them grow their enrollments and increase revenue. Our recruitment strategy specialists are eager to work with you to buy focused lists, create your personalized student search strategy, develop and execute your communication plans and provide fast, effective response pieces to your prospective students. We’ll partner with you to help you develop your recruitment strategy and grow your enrollment funnel.


Following in-depth consultation and planning, Kelmscott created a customized Sophomore and Junior Student Search strategy with a planned sequence of electronic and print messages, specifically designed to motivate students to inquire and fill the top of the admissions funnel with students likely to enroll. This custom search strategy also included print components with pre-populated BRCs, a three-page microsite with pre-populated inquiry form and a unique incentive brochure.

The strategy focused on a cross-media search with electronic, print, and mobile components, personalized messaging using Precise Audience Targeting™ and fast deployment of search messages. To assure the highest deliverability of electronic messages, Kelmscott tested the emails with multiple browsers, ran subject lines through spam filters and assured messages were desktop and mobile compliant.


Without spending any more than they had in the past, the university increased the email open rate, number of secret shoppers and most importantly the number of new inquiries for fall 2105 and 2016.

Kelmscott’s unique Sophomore and Junior Search strategy has helped yet another university build their inquiry pool, which will help lead them to enrollment success.

Making connections is fundamentally important to us at Kelmscott. That’s why the newsletter is customized by vertical market and account executive. It shows we practice what we preach. Each issue uses the power of personalization through variable printing, compelling content and design, and data management to build relationships.



  • Turnkey Execution
  • Reach Prospective Students First
  • Personalized and Targeted Messaging
  • Reach Prospective Students through Direct Mail, E-Marketing and Social Media
  • Real-Time Lead Generation
  • Precise Audience Targeting (PAT) Recruiting