Late Cycle Success Story


KelmscottEDU Late-Cycle Success Stories

Every spring colleges and universities closely monitor their applicant and deposit pools to project whether or not they will meet their next fall goals. With numerous institutions coming up short on deposits or just wanting to be on the safe side for fall, we have developed several proven late-cycle recruitment strategies to share with you.

Insightful analytics help us make targeted, strategic decisions in the recruitment process.


KelmscottEDU’s spring and summer campaigns and strategies can help colleges and universities like yours to:

  1. Convert existing applicants to accepted students;
  2. Persuade hard-won accepted students to deposit; and
  3. Find new qualified applicants.

In the following success stories, you will learn how three universities turned around their potential enrollment shortfalls using KelmscottEDU’s Late Senior Search and other strategic campaigns and solutions. In each case, we developed a unique formula for these institutions, which successfully helped them finish strong in the fall.



A private, selective, liberal arts university located in Texas approached KelmscottEDU with a serious challenge: dramatically increase enrollments within a very limited and late time frame. The university’s fall deposits were trending significantly below goal. Even though it was very late in the recruitment cycle, their forward thinking enrollment management vice president was unwilling to accept defeat and instead turned to KelmscottEDU for consultation and our best, proven strategies. With no time to spare, the admission team needed fast results with dramatic increases in applications and deposits—with the ultimate goal of increasing fall enrollment.


Upon consultation, KelmscottEDU created a Targeted Late Senior Search, an Application Completion Campaign, and a Custom Deposit Campaign. Each campaign had a customized strategy specifically designed not just to generate high response rates, but also to identify and motivate select students to apply, deposit, and ultimately enroll. The overall strategy focused on a cross-media campaign with personalized, engaging content, compelling calls to action, and fast fulfillment.


The results were astounding. The three summer campaigns resulted in an astonishing 85 extra deposits and 74 additional enrolled students—a record increase in deposits and enrollments for this time period.



A selective, mid-sized, comprehensive university located in Minnesota approached KelmscottEDU with a serious enrollment predicament. It was already May, and applications and deposits were trending considerably below the goal. The vice president of enrollment management needed a way to bring in fresh prospective students who fit the university’s student profile and needed to do it quickly.


To augment applicant and deposit pools, KelmscottEDU conducted a deep analysis of the university’s past enrollments and search parameters to help create a smarter name buy along with an innovative messaging strategy for a Targeted Late Senior Search. Name buys were limited to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois for the most significant impact. In addition, the institution’s strategy focused on a cross-media search with electronic, print, and mobile components and strategically segmented messaging using KelmscottEDU’s Precise Audience Targeting™ (PAT), the most advanced customization communications solution available anywhere. Using PAT, we were able to tailor the university’s messages and visuals to meet each prospective student’s interests, target students who were likely to enroll, track individual responses, and provide individual follow-up.


The results were impressive with the search generating an additional 28 enrolled students, comprising 10 percent of the fall incoming freshman class.



When a new dean of enrollment joined a college in the Midwest late in the recruitment cycle, he quickly realized the fall goal was in jeopardy. With no time to spare, he immediately contacted KelmscottEDU for late-cycle strategies to help turn the class around. Having partnered with KelmscottEDU in the past, he knew he could get up and running within weeks and still make a significant impact on the fall class.


KelmscottEDU created a three-pronged approach to positively impact fall enrollment. To re-engage students with incomplete application files, an Application Completion Campaign was created. Then, to encourage students who had not yet deposited, KelmscottEDU developed a Custom Admitted Student Campaign. Finally, in order to bring in a pool of fresh prospective students, we employed a Targeted Late Senior Search with student names that closely matched the college’s student profile.

KelmscottEDU created a comprehensive and data-driven student search strategy utilizing a tactical mix of carefully timed electronic and print components, smart name buys, personalized messaging, and compelling design.


The results wildly exceeded expectations by generating 48 additional enrolled students, comprising almost 20 percent of the fall freshman class. In addition, the Targeted Late Senior Search resulted in a “sibling effect”, in which two sisters whose names were not in the search buy, ended up enrolling due to their brother or sister receiving engaging, action-oriented electronic and print messages from the late spring/summer campaigns.


These success stories are just a few of many compelling examples of how a strategically planned Application Completion Campaign, Deposit Campaign, Late Senior Search, and other late-cycle strategies can dramatically impact fall enrollment—even with just months before the start of the academic year.


If you look like you may be coming up short on deposits for fall or just want to be on the safe side, contact us today to learn more about our latecycle products and services, which are offered à la carte or as part of a comprehensive enrollment solution:

  • Targeted Late Senior Search
  • Application Generation Campaigns
  • Admitted Student Engagement Campaigns
  • Custom Deposit Campaigns
  • Anti-Melt Strategy
  • Calling Campaigns
  • Yield Surveys
  • Pre-bill Brochures
  • And much more!