2018 Q1 Relevate



AuthentiZity Plugging into the Next Generation

A father tours his 16-year-old son around the college he attended. He laughs out loud as he shares intimate stories of his adventures. He takes him to his favorite pizza joint and shows him where he met his college sweetheart. And after a couple hours of walking down memory lane, they end up on the lawn tossing a Frisbee just as he had 30 years earlier. After some hesitation, the teenager holds the disc at his side, walks over to his father and says, “Dad, you had some amazing experiences at school. What kind of stories do you think I will have?”


The Quad

90 percent of Gen Z youths will make sure their parents feel an intended purchase is within their means prior to going forward with it. This and other statistics suggest that this generation of kids have a solid understanding of the importance of economic stability (JWT).


What's in a Name?

The New York Times recently asked Gen Z-ers what they would call their generation if they had the choice. Many of the suggestions centered on change, hard work and the technology-driven world in which they have grown up. Here are some of the popular answers:



Marketing. Website management. Social media. Graphic design. Videography and photography. Writing and editing. Media and public relations. As a higher education marketer or enrollment specialist, you have to spend your time wisely—and then some. Your distribution of effort can have an important bearing on your results. As it turns out, marketing a higher education brand and message requires that you be a true jack of all trades.


Q&A with Nicholas Scibetta

WHEN HE WAS the global director and partner at Ketchum Public Relations, Nicholas Scibetta oversaw the agency’s national and international communications programs, providing senior strategic and global media planning counsel and placement for Fortune 500 clients.


Q&A with Brian Till

Be empowered. Challenge conventional wisdom. Think strategically. If you’re looking to tap into the vein of brand management today, Brian Till, Ph.D., believes these are the qualities every marketer needs.